Project operation flow

Project operation flow


Pre-translation preparation: Select appropriate professional translators according to the requirements of a client's industry document, language, and quality.

Pre-translation processing: Carry out pre-translation processing with the X translation platform according to the customer's file type, so as to ensure the consistency of terms used.

Translator’s level: All medical translators graduated from a medical university, have received professional training, and possess experience in translation for more than 5 years and the ability to independently complete large projects. X will conduct regular assessment of all translators.

Term extraction: Professional translators extract professional terms and nouns from the translated documents and the project manager establishes a corpus in the process of project operation, so as to set up an accumulated exclusive term bank for each customer, which is available to this customer at any time.

Project experience: X has accumulated experience in translation of several large-scale international/domestic projects for drug registration with more than one million words, so as to ensure high quality and efficient translation service for customers.

Synchronous proofreading: Expert proofreaders carry out synchronous proofreading online and in real time while professional translators are translating documents, so as to shorten the translation cycle.

Delivery quality control: Professional quality inspectors conduct comprehensive quality control after typesetting before delivery of a translation, so as to ensure high quality delivery.

File management: Except otherwise required, all documents translated by X are sealed and stored on the server of our Company for the convenience of customers to check and refer to the relevant file information at any time.

After-sales service: After the delivery of a translation, we provide lifetime modification service free of charge. You may contact us for after-sales service whenever and wherever you have any objection to the quality of translations provided by us to you.

Production & printing: We provide services of sealing, printing and binding the translated documents according to customer requirements.

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