Professional Advantage

Professional Advantage


1、Strict quality control (ISO9001 quality system certification)

2、Talent reserve of professional medical translators (over 3,000 professional medical translators and interpreters)

3、Professional project process (the quality control process of four-level and three-step operations)

4、Customized project plans (one-to-one exclusive customer service consultant)

5、Experience in operating large projects (strategic cooperation with large pharmaceutical and medical enterprises and institutions)

6、Indefinite after-sales service and guarantee (commitment to lifelong after-sales quality warranty)

7、One-stop printing and binding service (strategic printing partner)

Six Service Commitments

1. Pure manual translation

Translation is a kind of human creation, so we carry out high-precision manual translation assisted by the TRADOS software, without any intelligent translation software.

2. Timely delivery

We guarantee every translation project on which we work is delivered to the client on time or in advance, giving the client enough time for investigation and review.

3. Same price & higher quality

We control the error rate of every translation project on which we work according to the industry standards and guarantee an error rate within the stipulated range, so as to ensure the translation quality for our customers.

4. Timely after-sales service

After a translation project is completed, we will deal with any and all comments and suggestions obtained via the customer's feedback in a timely way, by adjusting, modifying and polishing the translations accordingly, so as to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

5. Lifetime quality assurance

We provide lifelong quality assurance service for all of our translation projects. You may contact us for after-sales service whenever and wherever you have any objection to the quality of translations provided by us to you.

6. Strict confidentiality

Strict confidentiality is the professional ethics of every translator and interpreter. We will sign a confidentiality agreement with every client who has the demand for confidentiality. Once any information of such client is disclosed due to our improper operations, we are willing to assume the corresponding legal responsibilities.

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