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In the operation of massive medical translation and interpretation projects for many years, we have accumulated the management experience and also professional translation experience in the medical and related fields. Our tremendous term corpus can allow us to find the best solution for your every medical translation project, covering a wide range of medical services and involving all levels of medicine, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

Specific professional medical fields covered by our translation service:

Clinical medical translation

Pharmaceutical translation

Medical instrument-related translation

Western medical translation

Microbiological translation

Biochemical translation

Medical device-related translation

Medical apparatus-related translation

Medical education-related translation

Medical exhibition- & conference-related translation

Special medical translation

Medical literature-related translation

Medical journal-related translation

Health education-related translation

General practice translation

Medical biotechnological translation

Pharmaceutical & biological product-related translation

Food biotechnological translation

Medical case-related translation

Health food-related translation

Pathological translation

Cosmetic-related translation

Translation related to Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion

Translation of SCI medical papers


Beijing Translation Bangda Translation Co., Ltd.


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